Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Part 2 - How to cheer up the moment?

Good Morning!

Just woke up and put myself in front of the computer, today this feels boring and all I want to do is play some games and just sleep, but there Is no time for that!

Some stuff I like to do when I feel like this Is,
Put on my favourite music
Remind me what I'm trying to do
Think about the people I love.
Dream myself away at car pictures
Eat something

Now I really feel like pushing the work to the limit today!

I'll now start building my website, I have tried Joomla & Mambo, none of those is actually working with AdSense so now I'm either going to use a blog or some other CMS. has a very good and big list of CMS also "User rated" and "Worst rated"
which I find very good because then we know what people like to browse, right?

Okay, now I have noticed that CMS, sucks.
CMS is for people that are either to lazy to make their own site or too newbish.
I don't want to be neither of that, so now I'm making my own site.
This will take like 1 hour for me, I'm pretty fast making html sites, haha.

I'll update this when I have something to write! ;)


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