Thursday, November 30, 2006 Swedish celebrity website.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Got my self some new interests!


Long time no see. Much has happend.

I got banned from adsense because "invalid clicks" I thougt this wost the most funnyest part because. I KNOW I have not clicked my own AdSense. I emailed them but nothing happend so I will just stick around and wait for YPN.

I have got my self a new interest Photographing. I love it, It's very interesting and creates alot of feeling. Im working on a new website where I will publish my photos.

I will post a sample here for you that are interested. Hope you are! ;)
If you are interested in my artwork you can always email me at

Thank you!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Smart traffic.

This morning I was going thrue my referrals and happily noticed a new referrer.

EBAY, someone are selling the same script I'm using for one of my websites @ eBay
and using my website as an demo to show people.

This actually got me about 10 visitors today, hopefully it will keep increasing because hes selling this script unlimited copy's so the eBay link should stay there a while.

Well, why not make the most expensive auction at eBay and put your link up as a demo and see how many visitors you get. There most be at least 1000 people searching for the most expensive auction daily.

Thank you!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hackers attacks you @ home!

Hackers make their attacks when you are working at home.
They empty your bank account, reading your mails.

Hackers can empty your bank account, read your emails, plant trojans, make
enemies IF you are working from home with the remote access software, REAL VNC from

Plenty of virus / security websites are today publishing articles about RealVNC hacking.
The hackers are making their big attacks now at summer time when many people are working
from home.

Easy to trespass
To get access to your RealVNC server you don't need any major hacking skills.
Just a simple password which easily can be bruted with a lot of different softwares circulating around at Internet. After the hacker guessed the right password, he/her can easily plant trojans, send spam and much much more!

The only way to get safer with using RealVNC is to uninstall and download the newest version
of the remote tool software (RealVNC).
To update your RealVNC security updates gives no insurance, the hacker may already infected your RealVNC software. So please uninstall your RealVNC software.

Simple RealVNC facts.
  • 100 Millions of users around the world
  • To Upgrade Security -

Thank you!
- SeoSnap aka SNap3

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to find the EDIT button @ DP!

Hello, for all of you wich seems to not be able to find the EDIT button, I made a simple guide.

Please Click the image to make it bigger.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The site stats.

Yesterday I started a smal AdWord campaign.
Ended out like this

First day I recived 30 visitors, next day there was an additional 20! so 50 visitors!
Im leaving the town for a few days, will be cool to see how much.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Part 4 - the website is done!


I managed to finish my website even, had a little time to Ad Optimize it. I have blended all my ads perfectly. Or at least I think that.

I have also bought myself a few coupons for google AdWords which will give me 50 credits when starting a new account. What'll we call that, cheap quality advertising?

I will update this blog later, clock is 3AM and I'm really tired.

Thank you all!

Part 2 - How to cheer up the moment?

Good Morning!

Just woke up and put myself in front of the computer, today this feels boring and all I want to do is play some games and just sleep, but there Is no time for that!

Some stuff I like to do when I feel like this Is,
Put on my favourite music
Remind me what I'm trying to do
Think about the people I love.
Dream myself away at car pictures
Eat something

Now I really feel like pushing the work to the limit today!

I'll now start building my website, I have tried Joomla & Mambo, none of those is actually working with AdSense so now I'm either going to use a blog or some other CMS. has a very good and big list of CMS also "User rated" and "Worst rated"
which I find very good because then we know what people like to browse, right?

Okay, now I have noticed that CMS, sucks.
CMS is for people that are either to lazy to make their own site or too newbish.
I don't want to be neither of that, so now I'm making my own site.
This will take like 1 hour for me, I'm pretty fast making html sites, haha.

I'll update this when I have something to write! ;)