Saturday, June 24, 2006

The site stats.

Yesterday I started a smal AdWord campaign.
Ended out like this

First day I recived 30 visitors, next day there was an additional 20! so 50 visitors!
Im leaving the town for a few days, will be cool to see how much.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Part 4 - the website is done!


I managed to finish my website even, had a little time to Ad Optimize it. I have blended all my ads perfectly. Or at least I think that.

I have also bought myself a few coupons for google AdWords which will give me 50 credits when starting a new account. What'll we call that, cheap quality advertising?

I will update this blog later, clock is 3AM and I'm really tired.

Thank you all!

Part 2 - How to cheer up the moment?

Good Morning!

Just woke up and put myself in front of the computer, today this feels boring and all I want to do is play some games and just sleep, but there Is no time for that!

Some stuff I like to do when I feel like this Is,
Put on my favourite music
Remind me what I'm trying to do
Think about the people I love.
Dream myself away at car pictures
Eat something

Now I really feel like pushing the work to the limit today!

I'll now start building my website, I have tried Joomla & Mambo, none of those is actually working with AdSense so now I'm either going to use a blog or some other CMS. has a very good and big list of CMS also "User rated" and "Worst rated"
which I find very good because then we know what people like to browse, right?

Okay, now I have noticed that CMS, sucks.
CMS is for people that are either to lazy to make their own site or too newbish.
I don't want to be neither of that, so now I'm making my own site.
This will take like 1 hour for me, I'm pretty fast making html sites, haha.

I'll update this when I have something to write! ;)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Beginning

The beginning of my SEO learning.

Today I bought my first domain, it's a .info. Many people don't like them but I think they're underestimated. They're perfect for me because my first site Is going to be a "fan" site for a very good looking lady. They are also very cheap at some spots you can even find them for $1.99! That's amazing! I bought my domain at, I think they have a very easy and very fast plan. After only 2 hours my website was transferred to my host and up and running, without any content!

I used Word Tracker to see how many searches my main keyword gets, I found out that it gets about 2500 daily searches, perfect!
That's the perfect amount of searches for me, not too many and not too less. You don't want too much competition if you are starting a new website with a very low budget.

Use the tool to see what keywords people searching for.
Lets say that you are making a website about Britney Spears. Just put Britney Spears in the box and hit search. In a time of seconds you will receive a list which contains alot of searched phrases. Now you have a perfect list of keywords!

Now to the next part of part one!

It's time that you get your self AdSense from This is where your income will come from so go there now! AdSense is free and very easy to use, a very good place for webmasters that want to make a few extra bucks!

That was all for today, thank you for viewing my blog!



This is my first blog project, so don't expect me to be the best blogger in the world.

First I would like to introduce my self as Snap, I'm 18 years old from Europe.
My biggest dream is to become a real professional SEO, I love what I do and I would like to keep doing it untill I can retire.

In this blog I was going to present the works of mine and also talk about what I think is interesting in the SEO & webmaster world. Mostly specified to young people in my age which are working on their progress to become real SEOs one day.

In about 30 min I will post my first REAL post about my steps into the business.

Thank you all for visiting my blog!