Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hackers attacks you @ home!

Hackers make their attacks when you are working at home.
They empty your bank account, reading your mails.

Hackers can empty your bank account, read your emails, plant trojans, make
enemies IF you are working from home with the remote access software, REAL VNC from

Plenty of virus / security websites are today publishing articles about RealVNC hacking.
The hackers are making their big attacks now at summer time when many people are working
from home.

Easy to trespass
To get access to your RealVNC server you don't need any major hacking skills.
Just a simple password which easily can be bruted with a lot of different softwares circulating around at Internet. After the hacker guessed the right password, he/her can easily plant trojans, send spam and much much more!

The only way to get safer with using RealVNC is to uninstall and download the newest version
of the remote tool software (RealVNC).
To update your RealVNC security updates gives no insurance, the hacker may already infected your RealVNC software. So please uninstall your RealVNC software.

Simple RealVNC facts.
  • 100 Millions of users around the world
  • To Upgrade Security -

Thank you!
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